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Covid-19 (CoronaVirus) Relief Fund

The First and Second wave of Corona Virus has brought the world on its knees and has yet again created an international pandemic emergency situation. With the spread of the Corona Virus, many families are stuck inside their homes and hospital wards that too sick and quarantined. Shestrong Association (SSA) has taken a pledge to help the families struck by the pandemic by offering food and medical services in this time of distress. People from all across the country are coming forward to help and we are not far behind.

Shestrong Association (SSA) has started the campaign 'Punsi Tengbang' for offering facilities like meals delivered at the doorstep, oxygen cylinders, medicine kits and ambulance service to those infected by Covid-19. All of these services are being offered free of cost. So far we've distributed:

A free sanitization facility and a Covid-19 helpline number are also being provided to the patients who have recovered and need to get their homes sanitized. The donation for this campaign will provide help & support for those who cannot support themselves. We together can help them in this dire situation of crisis.

Along with the relief measures, Shestrong Association (SSA) is also creating awareness related to Corona Virus by making people understand the importance of sanitizing & social distancing to protect them from getting vulnerable & prone to infection. A toll-free helpline number is started where anyone can call and request for any information on this deadly disease. 

Covid Statistic