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Organic farming on Bhut Jolokia ( 0u0 moROK )

Select the appropriate area that is suitable for plants. Finding seeds instead sapling this will reduce cost overall like carriage and delivery and space as well. Finding seeds before lands plow
Selections of place  based on its boundaries, sun heat n light access, soil condition, availability of water road, Practice area :Slope and hilly region about 1 sangam at Shantipur.

Burn grass and cleanse first Plow land mix with poultry waste and manure to fertilize
Keep the soil in the sun for nearly 10 days and plow the land thoroughly. 
Again 15 days for soil to increase manure. Labours using spade and hoe making rows which will be final for soil mixing process

Season : 

  1. Sowing seeds
  2. Germinates around 10-15 days based on soil moisture and temperature warming

Market cap : 

About plant: worlds hottest spices by guinness world record in year 20. Best  among spices that don't affect the stomach.

usage :: spices; raw n dried as well.
Benefits : Cures cancer, cold and cough (sweat), activeness, chili powder use in controlling mobs (Assam).

Available: ne india ( manipur, nagaland, arunachal ) 

Variety : Flower
Chili : color:  black, orange, n red
Average no of chili per plant

Harvest season:

  1. Plants life: maximum 3 years 
  2. Favourable soil and climatic condition
  3. Disease type and time its precaution and medicine
  4. Price range according to season n place (India )
  5. Most producing state:( Size n price)
  6. Most consume state:(size n price)