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Eshram registration, Opening Bank Account, PAN Card Registration and issue cards at Shantipur

As a part of the social upliftment program that has come up with many rounds of discussion and strategies shestrong Association has today conducted its first Program at Shantipur, Ningthoukhong Ward No.2. The Program includes E-shram Registration online, issue cards for 34 beneficiaries under Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY) , Applying Pan Card and Opening Bank Account for Unorganised Workers in the area which will benefit these Unorganised workers coming from different sectors like construction,agriculture,weaver,street vendors migrant workers and domestic workers etc. in Shantipur. The Event was organised and conducted together with Shantipur United Club.

Benefits of the event : 

  1. Applying Pan Card Registration for 11 locals which will enables them to Opening Bank Account,
  2. Shop License, 
  3. starts a Business, 
  4. Purchasing and selling of immovable items 
  5. Purchasing and selling of Four wheelers
  6. Cash deposits and Transaction within Bank for above Rs. 50,000/-