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Taiyenjam Inaocha Devi, A Bakery Item Making & Trainer

Taiyenjam Inaocha, A Bakery Item TrainerTaiyenjam Inaocha Devi is a successful entrepreneur from Imphal Ghari Awang Leikai, who started his bakery business in 2020. Her bakery has now turnover of  more than Rs 13 lacs in annual sales and provides employment for more than 50 people who help her run this business successfully serving customers with everything from baking items to dropshipping.The baking house produces a wide range of baked goods such as cakes, Sandwiches, Burgers, Donuts, Muffins, Khajur, Nimki, Inaocha's Special Bread, Hotdogs, Kingbons, and beverages items. Inaocha Bakery is specially known for its  various cakes and Bread.

She is now living a decent life and looks forward to helping out other youngsters who want to get into this industry. Providing a means of livelihood and living together prosperously has been her dream for a long time. So she started Bakery training in various locations which in turn will  boost our  economy when these young entrepreneurs become successful as Inaocha. She had given more than 30 training sessions in different seminars and also now became a Trainer of the Shestrong Association. In continuation, going together with the Association, Thokchom Inaocha was able to learn new things, gain more knowledge and trained more than 50 young entrepreneurs in this short time. 

However, The association arranged the seminar by bringing together both the learner and trainer after surveys and advertisements were done. It is now, so blissful and mesmerizing that with the support of the Shestrong Association, 5 entrepreneurs from Bishnupur district  alone had started running their own bakery business and earned a lot of money after  two parties had worked together.